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The Biggest Chokers In Sports History

A list of “The 10 Biggest Chokers in Sports History” includes…

“Rolling Stone” has put out a list of “The 10 Biggest Chokers in Sports History.” These “choke artists” had or have a knack for being awesome except in the clutch, when it REALLY counts.

1. Patrick Ewing. He failed to win a championship despite 18 years in the NBA. And he’s also remembered for botching the New York Knicks’ Eastern Conference Semifinals series in 1995 against the Indiana Pacers.

2. Tennis player Tim Henman. He’s considered one of the best British tennis players of all time and yet he’s never won a Grand Slam. He got to the semi-finals six times, but never reached the finals in any of them.

3. Basketball player James Harden. He’s a five-time All-Star, and has been awesome during the regular season, but his teams have collapsed in the playoffs, including the Houston Rockets’ downfall earlier this month. But it’s a LITTLE premature to put him on this list, because he’s only 27.

4. Charles Barkley. He had an incredible 16-year career with the Philadelphia 76ers, the Phoenix Suns, and finally the Rockets. He was an 11-time All-Star, who’s considered one of the best players in NBA history. But he never got a ring.

5. Dan Marino. He was the superstar quarterback of the Miami Dolphins for 17 seasons, but he never won a Super Bowl, and he also had an 8-10 record in the postseason.

6. Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. Like Harden, he’s a recent addition. Despite being considered one of the greatest NHL players of all time, Alex has yet to play for a Stanley Cup, let alone win one for the Washington Capitals.

7. John Stockton. He was a legendary point guard for the Utah Jazz. He was named to the All-Star team 10 times, but he never got a championship. He and Karl Malone did take the Jazz to two NBA Finals, but they lost both times to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

8. Barry Bonds. It seems a little funny to see him on this list, since he was a ‘roided-up monster for YEARS. But despite all of his home runs, he never won a World Series. And thanks to all the ‘supplements’ he was taking, he’s already been passed up for the Baseball Hall of Fame four times.

9. Tony Romo. He was a great quarterback in the regular season, when he wasn’t hurt, but he also single-handedly lost at least one big game for the Dallas Cowboys. Overall, he was 2-4 in the playoffs, and never advanced beyond the divisional round.

10. Jim Kelly. He was anything but clutch, as he was the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills when they LOST FOUR STRAIGHT SUPER BOWLS.

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