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A new survey asked people if a bunch of things are GROSS or SATISFYING.

It’s time to figure out just how GROSS you are compared to other people. A new survey by Buzzfeed asked people if these things are gross . . . or satisfying. Count how many you think are GROSS!

1. Popping a giant pimple.

2. Getting a big chunk of earwax out of your ear.

3. Pulling out an ingrown hair.

4. Digging dirt out from under one fingernail using another fingernail.

5. Picking at a blister and popping it.

6. Running your fingers through your “hair down there,” but not in a sexual way.

7. Picking your nose and finding something large and solid up there.

8. Cleaning out lint from your belly button.

9. Peeling off skin after you’re sunburned.

10. Pulling stray hairs out of your butt crack in the shower.

If you think most of those things are satisfying, then you’re one of the gross ones!

Click Here to see more.


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