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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

There’s always one (if not more than one) person that you worry about making a scene or doing something stupid at a special event, like a wedding.

Redbook has just come out with a list of wedding faux pas that readers claim really happened.  Here are a few examples:

*Someone brought their own bottles of wine to my wedding reception…at a vineyard.

*I had a lady bug me for a week straight, asking to bring her son that I barely knew to my wedding. I told her no, we didn’t have room on the guest list, but that if someone backed out I would let her know. The day of the wedding, she texted me to see if anyone backed out…I didn’t respond. She must have taken that as a yes, because she brought her son to my ceremony, and in the receiving line, asked me once again if she could bring him to the reception. I flat-out told her no.

*My grandpa, a pastor, performed the ceremony for my husband and I. Usually, my grandma serves as the day-of coordinator for any wedding he does, but I asked her not to this time around and said she could enjoy watching her granddaughter get married without any stress…I always wondered if she was miffed about it, but she never brought it up so I let it go. But then she showed up at my wedding in head-to-toe white and sat as close to the front as she could.Guess that answers that question.

*I know someone who called her cousin the morning of the wedding and asked if there would be an open bar. She said that if there wasn’t, then she and her family would not come. The cousin said, ‘If that’s all you care about, don’t come.’ And they didn’t.

What’s wrong with people?!?!?!  Do you have any outrageous stories from your wedding or a wedding you attended?



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