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By Paul Cook

NEWS FLASH! We all know that moms do a ton and they multitask better than a whole warehouse of artificially intelligent computers. But these new details about the reality are startling and, of course, make me feel bad as a dad. Send this blog to anyone you want to feel the same way.

Women do more of the intellectual, mental, and emotional work of childcare and taking care of the house, according to a Money magazine study.  They do more of the learning and information processing (like researching  pediatricians). They do more worrying (like wondering if their child is walking  or talking when he or she should). And they do more organizing and delegating  (like deciding when the mattress needs to be flipped or what to cook for  dinner).

Even when when us Dads think we are doing so many things around the house, it’s a pittance. The study showed that even when their male partners “helped out” by doing their fair share of chores and errands, it was the women who noticed what needed to be done… and redone. Ouch, dudes!

This is why putting some real effort into Mothers Day is so important. A sentimental card is not enough, even though I’m sure your mom will tell you it is.



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