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Weird Passing Gas Habits

How NORMAL are your gas-passing habits?

Over 200,000 people recently took an online survey about FLATULENCE, specifically, when, where, and how they pass gas. Here are six questions to see how normal YOUR gas-passing habits are…

1. Do you ever pass gas and ENJOY the smell? 48% said yes, 52% said no.

2. Do you let ’em rip at work, or try to hold it in? 60% said they just go for it. 40% said they hold it in because they’re worried someone might hear or smell it.

3. Do you ever pass gas on public transportation, like a bus or a train? 57% said yes, 43% said no.

4. Have you ever passed gas and blamed someone else for it? More than three-quarters of people have. 78% said yes, only 22% said no.

5. Do you ever hold it in, even if it makes your stomach hurt? Apparently sometimes the situation calls for it. 65% said yes, 35% said no.

6. Do you ever pass gas in front of your significant other? It seems like this should be higher . . . but 65% said yes, and 35% said no.

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