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Traveling is the NUMBER ONE thing people want to do on their bucket list.

A recent survey by AARP found that 46% of older Americans have a bucket list. And traveling is the #1 thing we want to do by far. 83% of people with a bucket list said they have at least one destination on there.

Here are the five most popular INTERNATIONAL destinations we want to visit…

1. Australia.

2. Italy.

3. The U.K., or Ireland.

4. France.

5. The Caribbean. Africa is next, followed by Canada.

The #1 STATE people want to visit is Hawaii, followed by Alaska, California, Arizona, and Nevada. Yes, all that inheritance could get flushed down the drain in Vegas.

49% of people said they want to check EVERYTHING off their list. 48% said they just hope to check some stuff off. And 3% said their bucket list is “just for fun.”

But the good news is that FANTASIZING about a bucket list trip is half the fun. The survey found dreaming about a trip is just as enjoyable as going on the trip.

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