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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

If you’re a cat lover, you aren’t going to like this blog post.  Sorry!!!!

Researchers recently had people judge how attractive strangers were by looking at pictures of them with different pets and having a dog makes you seem much sexier than having a cat.

The sexiest pet to have if you’re a man is a puppy.  People thought guys were 24% sexier when they were holding a puppy, 14% more trustworthy, 7% smarter, and 14% more attractive overall.

Cats only made guys 5% sexier.  Kittens had even less of an effect, at 4%.

Small and medium dogs only made guys 3% sexier and large dogs only gave them a 2% boost.  Overall, guys were seen as slightly more attractive with dogs than cats.

If you’re a woman, the sexiest pet to have is a medium-sized dog.  They made women seem 7% sexier, 7% more trustworthy, 6% smarter, and 7% more attractive overall.  Posing with a cat actually made women slightly less sexy, and kittens basically had no effect.  Puppies gave women a 3% boost in sexiness, small dogs, 4% and large dogs, 3%.

What you do with the above information is entirely in your hands!


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