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Is Getting “Caged” The New RickRolling?

Reddit user brittabean988126 has maybe the most brilliant idea since the RickRoll.

Remember RickRolling? You’d send someone a description of a video and a link to the video…that then ended up being Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

We’re betting the new trend will be getting “Caged.” This is where you tape a photo of Nicolas Cage to the back of someone’s car, so that when they put the car in reverse they see Nic Cage’s face in their rearview camera. (NOTE: This should probably only be done where someone first has to back up out of a driveway. Please think this through before you put it on the back of their car.)

Here’s what it looked like when brittabean988126 taped a Nic Cage photo to the back of her boyfriend’s car:

Stuck a photo of Nick Cage to the reverse camera of my boyfriends car… he just got Caged!!


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