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By Paul Cook


This is a tricky one. Picture this: you’re a hungry kid in school. You go to get lunch from the cafeteria and because you don’t have enough money you’re humiliated and shamed. The NY Times claims that’s a reality in some parts of this country.

New Mexico has a new law against lunch shaming, described as practices that embarrass children who don’t have money to pay for a meal. It’s believed to be  the first of its kind.

In many schools cafeteria workers are instructed to take away a child’s meal if he or she can’t pay, force them to clean tables in front of classmates or have “I Need Lunch Money” stamped on their arm. I don’t know that specific thinking behind that approach, but possibly that is meant for a kid forgetting to brink their lunch money, not for the student who can’t afford to purchase a lunch.

See what I mean, it’s tricky. The law would apply to schools and not students making fun, but a kid doing that would be more likely to be punished for shaming like that.

Where do you come down on this? Let me know on the Facebook post. -PAUL

Source: New  York Times newspaper, 4/9/17


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