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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

I know I’m a little late to the game, but I just finished reading Amy Schumer’s book, “The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo”, and I enjoyed it!  It’s VERY raunchy, but you shouldn’t be surprised if you know anything about Amy.

In her book, Amy talks a lot about her “haters” and the thick skin she had to grow pretty quickly, but she knew it would come with the territory of being a celebrity.  She also talked a lot about her body and how she’s never been a size 0 and she never will be, but she has learned to embrace her body and to be confident.  She encourages all women to do the same and to stop letting the media dictate what should be considered beautiful.  It’s interesting because while I was reading her book, I kept thinking how she makes herself seem so much bigger than she really is and why is she so hard on herself?  Then it clicked that most women do the same thing, including myself.

My point in telling you all of this is what happened when I was looking at social media yesterday.  I almost didn’t bring it up because I didn’t want to give this story any publicity, but things have to change and women need to stop degrading other women!

Amy just conducted an interview with “In Style” magazine and she’s on the cover wearing a one-piece bathing suit and she looks great!  Of course not everyone agrees and one woman in particular let the world know.  Her name is Dana Duggan and she owns a company called South Shore Swimwear.  She said, “Come on now!  You couldn’t find anyone better for this cover?  Not everyone should be in a swimsuit . . . I don’t think it’s an attractive photo.”

LOTS of people jumped all over Dana and her rebuttal was basically she has freedom of speech.  I agree that she has freedom of speech, so I will use my freedom of speech and say she is a nasty person for the negativity she is displaying.

I’m so sick of women cutting down other women.  We aren’t teaching our daughters, nieces, sisters, etc. positive body image with this female body shaming.  I struggle with my self-image more than I would like to admit and I refuse to pass that on to Lu, but she also needs to see examples from other women besides her mother.  Enough is enough.


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