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Being environmentally friendly is something that everyone can do and should do. Y98 partnered with Always Green Recycling and recycled 1.7 tons between both the Block Party and KMOX Kegs and Eggs event this past Sunday on Opening Day.

The spring weather brings back baseball, nice weather and summer is just around the corner, which means more people outside and more littering.

Here are just a few facts of why recycling is so important:

The average American often tosses away 4.5 pounds of garbage daily. This is why it’s super important to reduce, reuse, and recycle–recycling helps us create more space, and make the most out of our materials and resources.

It takes about a thousand years for plastic bottles to naturally break down. Americans love plastic. But, Americans sometimes have a tough time recycling plastic. In 2012, we produced roughly 32 million tons of it, but it was reported that only about 25 percent of it was recycled.

Recycling helps keep many jobs secure. When you’re making sure to separate your recyclables, think about how many jobs you’re helping to create–2.3 million, to be exact. So not only are you helping the Earth, but you’re helping many people stay gainfully employed.

Click here to find out more of how you can help recycle in St. Louis.



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