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Here are some stats for Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, so the National Safety Council put together a bunch of stats about it. Here are five that you might find a little disturbing…

1. 35% of teenagers have browsed social media while driving, or say they probably will once they get their license. 17% say they’ve already contributed to a crash because they got distracted.

2. 45% of us feel pressured to check our work email while we’re driving.

3. 71% of us say you can have up to three drinks and still drive. Which might be true if it’s three drinks over the course of three hours. But definitely not three drinks in ONE hour. Also, 13% of people admitted to driving after smoking pot in the last month.

4. 33% of us think it’s fine to drive on less than four hours of sleep. But several studies have shown it can be as dangerous as driving drunk.

5. About two-thirds of us have felt unsafe because someone else got distracted behind the wheel. But only 25% of us think our OWN distracted driving puts people at risk.

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