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A new survey found several CRAZY things we’d do to avoid paying taxes.

What CRAZY thing would you do to avoid paying your taxes?

Over 1,000 people were asked if they’d perform five karaoke songs in front of their co-workers to get out of paying TAXES, and almost 70% said NO.

Here are seven scenarios, and how many of us would go through with them if it meant we didn’t have to pay taxes this year…

1. Perform five karaoke songs in front of your co-workers . . . 32% would do it.

2. Go without WiFi for an entire year . . . 18% said they’d do it.

3. Let your credit score plummet 50 points . . . 16% said yes.

4. Gain 20 pounds . . . 13% would do it.

5. Have your entire browser history made public . . . 11% would let it happen.

6. Smell like a SKUNK for six months . . . 5% said it would be worth it.

7. Give up half of your retirement savings . . . 5% would do it. Which is actually low, because a survey last month found 34% of us haven’t saved ANYTHING for retirement. So that one should be an automatic yes for a lot of people.

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