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International Anxiety Dreaming


It’s an odd question, but I’ve always wondered if people living on the other side of the world from varying cultures experience the same types of dreams that we do in the U.S.? I mean we’re all human beings right. Pretty cool findings here.

Well, an enormous study of 50,000 “dream-reports” found that there are remarkable similarities in the way people dream all around the world: The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Even tribesman, who live completely without electricity, still dream their anxieties.

Negative emotions are much more prevalent than positive.

The vast majority of people dream in color. But if  you watched black-and-white TV growing up, though, you’re more likely to dream in black-and-white.

Another shocker, only around 10 percent of dreams are sexual in nature, although the percentage is higher among adolescents.

I took these findings from the Journal of  Personality & Social Psychology.


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