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We learned this week that Ryan Murphy will spend season two of “Feud” on the royal marriage of Charles and Diana. They married in 1981 and separated a little over a decade later. Diana died in 1997, one year after they officially divorced.

A new biography titled “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life” (out April 4th) reveals that Charles was in tears the night before he married Diana, and he was then still in love with Camilla. Charles and Camilla first dated in the early ’70s but split when Charles was stationed overseas in the Royal Navy. Shortly after the two split she reconciled with Andrew Parker-Bowles and they married in 1973. Charles and Camilla still traveled in the same circles, and began an affair that her husband most likely knew about.

Charles began dating Diana in 1980, and pressure to marry increased as rumors swirled that they spent the night together. Eventually, Prince Philip wrote a letter to Charles that said he needed to make a decision about the relationship as Diana’s reputation was at stake. Charles wasn’t ready to get married, but he believed the letter was ordering him to. They were engaged in February of 1981 and they were married in July of the same year.

But perhaps the most fascinating fact about the couple has been known for years. In every official portrait of the couple, Charles towers over Diana, but they were actually the same height. Charles was so bothered that Diana stood at 5’10” (he was 5’11”) that he stood on a pedestal for their wedding portrait:


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