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By Paul Cook

Not all that excited about the big college basketball tournament? Don’t look at that as a problem, more like an OPPORTUNITY! There’s a good chance the fan in your house will be quite distracted during these next few weeks. If that’s true for you do these things.

If your husband is the fan and you aren’t, use the tournament as grease to get his buy in on an upcoming expenditure. Like a vacation or some new home furnishings! He’ll be in a good mood, but more importantly the dude may have a feeling he’s got some bracket winning cash coming his way soon. “Sure, honey.”

This also works if you are wanting a new, beautiful, comfy sofa or love-seat. “You deserve to really enjoy these games, but this couch isn’t cutting it.” Same goes if your family is lagging a bit on having a big TV taking up half a wall in your family room, like everyone else. Heck! that expenditure might be co-signed before you even finish your pitch.

Bonus Ladies Night Time is very much in play here too. “Look, I didn’t say anything last March when our VISA card statements read like we had purchased our own Buffalo Wild Wings franchise, hon!”

Perhaps you actually need your March Madness fans attention. Jumping up and down or turning off the TV won’t give you the desired result. The holy grail in this respect is his prized NCAA Bracket Sheet that he’s been studying and marking up. If you’re skilled enough to get your hands on that bad boy you’ve hit the jackpot. We’re talking Lord of the Flies CONCH on steroids.


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