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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be a celebrity.  Their privacy is pretty much gone because everywhere they go, they will more than likely be approached by a fan or paparazzi.

On the flip side, I feel like if you choose to pursue a profession where your privacy will be compromised, you have to play the game, so-to-speak.  I don’t think it’s cool if a celebrity is eating dinner and is interrupted by a fan.  Even if I was at dinner and Justin Timberlake was sitting two tables away from me, I don’t think I would approach him.  It would kill me not to, but I think there are limitations.

Now, if I was walking along the streets of New York and Justin was walking along side me, I would probably say something and try and get a picture (or I would be too nervous and run the opposite way lol).

As we have learned from past stories, Justin Bieber is not a fan of taking selfies with fans or even engaging with them when he’s out and about.  Another story about this has emerged from this past weekend.  He’s in Sydney, Australia for his Purpose Tour.  A fan asked him for a picture and her friend started recording the encounter.

Did you hear what he said?!?!?!?!  … “you have zero respect level. You have zero respect level. You make me sick.”

Again, he was walking to his vehicle and fans saw him and approached him.  I can understand this would be frustrating, but he also has to realize that his fans have gotten him to where he is today.  Why can’t he say hi, pose for a pic and go along his merry way?!?!  I don’t understand.  I truly don’t.  I think he has zero respect level.


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