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Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson in “This Is Us”, spoke with Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter about last night’s episode. It seems we’re close to finding out about how Jack dies. And we know it’s going to be a doozy. We know because, despite knowing William was going to die, the episode where William did die was no less powerful or painful. Milo confirmed to EW that it’s going to be difficult to see Jack die, even though you’re prepared for it to happen:

Yeah, it is [going to be brutal]. I mean, even me, like William’s death, William’s passing in that whole episode just crushed me. Crushed me, you know? And I feel that William and Jack are of the same beloved nature that people are truly going to grieve — not mourn — grieve their loss.

The Hollywood Reporter asked about that dream sequence with Jack and William. If you were smiling when you watched it you weren’t alone. Milo said of filming the scene:

That was a blast. I crave to work with everyone on the cast and when I got that opportunity with Sterling, it was amazing. And then when Dan told me there was this scene with Jack and William, I mean I had smiles. The laughter and smiles with Ron and I? That was 100 percent real emotion. We were very, very happy to be there on set together.

The other character we’re concerned about after watching last night’s episode? Kate. Entertainment Weekly asked Milo:

EW: Right before this scene, we discover that the reason that present-day Kate has been so blunt and tortured about Jack’s death is because, as she tells Toby, it’s her fault, and she’s the “reason” he’s dead. Is however he dies actually her fault, or is it just something that she feels a tremendous amount of guilt about?
Milo: The whole family structure is tied to Jack’s death. I wonder if every kid would feel the same. I know Kate is more vocal about it, but I wonder if Randall or Kevin feel the same about their father and about the distance, if they’re as impacted.

The SEASON FINALE of “This Is Us” airs next Tuesday, March 14th. Stock up on tissues now.


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