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“USA Today” gives you the meanings of several NEW slang words teens use.

“USA Today” posted a list of dumb slang words teenagers use, and what they mean. You probably know a few of them. Like, “throwing shade” is when you insult someone or make fun of them. But here are eight you might not know…

1. “Lit.” It doesn’t mean you’re drunk or wasted anymore. It means something’s cool. Like, “That party was lit.”

2. “Turnt.” It can mean two things. You’re either really hyped about something, or you’re ON something. Sometimes it’s used like a synonym for “effed up.”

3. “Clap back.” It’s when you respond with a clever comeback. Like, “He kept teasing me, but he wasn’t expecting me to clap back.”

4. “Thirsty.” It means you’re desperate, especially when it comes to dating.

5. “Fire.” Kids use it as an adjective now. It basically means something’s hot. Like, “That new song is straight fire.”

6. “Woke.” It’s like the opposite of being ignorant. If you’re “woke,” it means you’re smart and pay attention.

7. The letter “V.” It’s short for “very.” Like instead of saying your friend is “very good” at something, you just say, “She’s V good.”

8. “Sus.” It’s short for suspicious or suspect. Like, “I’m not surprised he lied to you. I told you he was sus.”

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