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Phillips & Company’s 13 Rules To Freedom Contract

1. I will always operate my vehicle in a mature, defensive manner including staying within the speed limits and obeying all
traffic signs.

2. I will AT ALL TIMES wear my seatbelt and guarantee that all passengers in my car will wear their seatbelts. I will never carry more passengers than there are seatbelts available. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

3. At no time will I ever get behind the wheel of ANY vehicle under the influence of any alcohol or drug. Furthermore, I agree not to ride in any vehicle where anyone is under the influence or acts as though they are under the influence of any alcohol or drug. Any finding by my parents to the contrary will result in an immediate, indefinite forfeiture of my vehicle.

4. I will not talk or text on my cellphone while driving, unless you’ve given me permission to use a hands-free device.

5. If at any time I find myself in a position where I am unable or unsure if I should drive my car, I am to call either one of you no matter what time day or night. I understand that it is never an inconvenience for you to have me home safely.

6. No other person shall drive my car without parental permission.

7. When other people are in my vehicle, I will focus on the task of driving and avoid being distracted.

8. I will attempt never to drive into an unfamiliar area of town and, if I must, I will take precautions including locking my doors and remaining keenly aware of my surroundings.

9. I will never pick up any hitch hikers.

10. I will learn all the systems and controls of my vehicle.

11. I will learn how to change a tire.

12. I will be responsible for all my fuel and simple maintenance.

13. I will keep my car in reasonably clean shape.


Affixing my signature below verifies that I have read and agreed with the “13 Rules to Freedom” above. Furthermore, I acknowledge that driving is a privilege and not a right. I recognize that my parents love me and that they know accidents do happen. My job is to minimize their occurrence. I agree to keep a copy of this agreement in my glove compartment.

_____________________________________   _________
New Driver                                                                                  Date
_____________________________________   _________
Parents                                                                                         Date

PRINT Freedom Contract HERE!


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