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By Paul Cook
What are you afraid of? Paul and Lance have the list of the top fears for women – join the conversation! No. 1: Critters
50 percent of phobics fear insects, snakes, or birds.

No. 2: Heights
48 percent are afraid of being way up high.

No. 3: Tight Spaces
34 percent hate tunnels, caves, and elevators.

No. 4: Flying
31 percent are scared of airplane trips.

No. 5: Water
26 percent can’t stand being in or on open water.

No. 6: The Dentist
25 percent would rather never go.

No. 7: Blood
22 percent freak over the red stuff.

No. 8: Bad Weather
21 percent fear thunderstorms or lightning.

No. 9: Crowds
17 percent panic in throngs of people.

No. 10: The Hospital
15 percent can barely set foot in the door.

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How did your Valentine’s Day go this year? Watch as some St. Louisians tried to plan, but sometimes it  just doesn’t go so well. Watch this!

Photo by: Y98

Photo by: Y98


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