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Photo: What Major Sports Trophies Are Worth

What are the major sports trophies actually worth?

Professional football is such a huge sport, you’d think the trophy the champions win would be worth the most, right? WRONG. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is actually the CHEAPEST of all the major sports trophies, at a mere $2,000.

The NBA’s Larry O’Brien Trophy is the next cheapest, but it’s a lot more expensive, at $13,500.

Then comes the World Series trophy, which is worth $18,615.

Hockey’s Stanley Cup is worth $23,478.

But there’s one that’s worth WAY more than ALL OF THEM COMBINED. And it belongs to the most popular sport in the world. Soccer’s World Cup trophy is made of 18-karat gold, and it’s 13 and a half pounds . . . making it a $20 MILLION trophy!

(Photo by Paul Miller/Getty Images)

(Photo by Paul Miller/Getty Images)

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