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Which Starbucks Drink Has the Most Caffeine for the Least Amount of Money?

Jill Devine


You know I’m a fan of saving money and whenever I find a way to save, I spread the love to you!  I’ve always loved Starbucks, but I LOVE it even more now that I have Lu because I NEED the caffeine to get through the day!!!

I always get the skinny vanilla latte and I have often wondered how potent the caffeine is for that particular drink.  Then I started thinking about which drink has the most caffeine and luckily I stumbled across this information!

A former Starbucks manager recently discussed which Starbucks drink has the most caffeine, but for the least amount of money.  The answer is the Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice.  It’s an iced-coffee drink that has 225 milligrams of caffeine, which is like two-and-a-half cups of normal coffee.

The price might vary a little bit depending on which Starbucks you go to, but you should get more caffeine for your money than any other drink.  Just make sure you order the right thing.  There’s a HOT version called the Doubleshot that only has 110 milligrams of caffeine and convenience stores sell a Starbucks drink that’s ALSO called a Doubleshot, but it’s not the same thing.  Those only have about 130 milligrams of caffeine.

If you want the version with 225 milligrams of caffeine, you have to order a “Doubleshot on Ice” from an actual barista.

I feel like I won the jackpot with this information because I found out about a drink that will give me lots of caffeine, but for a bargain!

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