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A Study Finds Kids Like Their Pets More Than Their Siblings

Jill Devine


According to a new study, kids generally like the family pet more than their siblings, especially if it’s a dog.

The researchers found that kids love their siblings, but still see them as competitors for everything from new toys to getting love from their parents.

They don’t have those issues with a dog.  It gives them unconditional love and companionship and they feel like they can safely share secrets with the dog, even though it doesn’t understand.  I tell Apple all my secrets.  She’s a good listener :)!

The researchers also say that if you don’t have a dog, you should probably think about getting one.  They found that having a dog cuts down how often your family gets into fights and it can have a serious positive impact on your kids’ development and happiness.  I am surprised that a dog cuts down on the fights because I know a lot of families who argue over who will take care of the dog.  Regardless, I agree that a dog brings happiness and unconditional love!

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