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Odd Super Bowl Prop Bets

An online sportsbook has already put out the lines on some ridiculous prop bets you can make for the Super Bowl.

Online sportsbooks are always offering random Super Bowl ‘prop bets,’ which let you bet on all the nonsense that surrounds the game. One site has already got their lines up, and here are 10 highlights…

1. The odds that LADY GAGA has a wardrobe malfunction that, quote, “must expose an intimate part of the body” . . . 15-to-1. That’s actually written into the description: “Must expose intimate part.”

2. There are odds on her hair color . . . ranging from the most likely ‘Blonde / Yellow’ at 1-to-5, to the least likely ‘Purple’ at 25-to-1.

3. There’s been talk that she wants to do something on the stadium ROOF. The odds of that happening are just 12-to-5, or about 29%.

4. The odds that Gaga says the word “Trump” at any time during the Super Bowl halftime show . . . 9-to-5, or about 35%.

5. Since the Atlanta Falcons are playing, the odds that any player does a “Dirty Bird” touchdown celebration . . . 10-to-13, or about 57%.

6. Over-under on the times ‘DeflateGate’ will be said during the broadcast: 2.5.

7. Over-under on the times ‘Dynasty’ will be said during the broadcast: 3.5

8. Over-under on how many commercials Peyton Manning will appear in during the broadcast: 1.5. That also seems low, Nationwide and Papa John’s seem like absolute locks.

9. Over-under on the number of times Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen is shown during the broadcast: 1.5

10. Odds that Joe Buck or Troy Aikman mention that Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th Round of the NFL Draft during the broadcast . . . 1-to-2, or about 66%.

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