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Jill DevineBy Jill Devine

Some doctors will tell pregnant women they can’t have any caffeine and some will say you can have a little bit each day.  My doctor gave me clearance to have a little each day, if I wanted it.  Before I got pregnant, I LOVED my morning coffee, but then I was repulsed by it when I was pregnant and didn’t start drinking it again until a couple of months ago.  I missed the taste of it, but I need it more for the caffeine now-a-days!

I was excited to read about the results of a new study that has figured out why coffee makes you live longer.  As we get older, one of the biggest things that affects our health is inflammation.  It brings on the effects of aging, it hurts our overall health, and it can lead to things like Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, and hypertension.

The chemical compounds in coffee help protect against inflammation, so if you drink a few cups a day, it really can make a huge difference in your health, especially as you get older.  Not that I needed another reason to pour another cup of coffee, but it’s a good reason!!!


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