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Ever had to call a plumber to unclog your kitchen drain? Was it something you threw down the garbage disposal? In our family, we like to look back fondly on what we call the “$95 coleslaw”, because that’s how much it cost after my husband threw a bunch of cabbage down the disposal while making coleslaw. The plumber told us that we shouldn’t throw ANYTHING down the garbage disposal, but some items are worse than others. Here are the 5 worst offenders:

  1. Starchy foods – think pasta, potato peels, and rice. Their consistency turns glue-like once in the drain.
  2. Fat – It may be in liquid form when you dump it down the drain, but it congeals once in your pipes. It will harden like candle wax and gradually make your drain’s diameter smaller.
  3. Breakfast stuff – coffee grounds and eggshells. It takes a lot of water get them through the pipes, so they end up clogging deep into your pipes.
  4. Fibrous Foods – celery, carrots, cabbage ($95 coleslaw anyone?). They overwhelm the disposal. Just throw them in the trash.
  5. Seeds – Can you believe people throw peach seeds down the disposal? Yep, and it can damage your disposal’s blades. It’s the equivalent of throwing rocks down the drain.

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