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A great list came out a couple of years ago from Accuweather that runs down some simple things you can do to prepare for a power outage.

  • Have “essentials” in a designated Emergency Supply Kit for easy access
  • Have flashlights where you can find them (and make sure the batteries still work)
  • Have a battery powered radio
  • Buy a car charger for your cell phone – Many people have gotten rid of their landlines, which means you’ll have to have an alternative way to charge your cell phone. If you have a charger that you can use in your car you’re set.
  • Keep your car’s gas tank at least half full so you don’t get stranded. Also, many gas stations use electricity to power their pumps.
  • Have your refrigerator/freezer on the coldest setting. Making it as cold as possible will let you keep your food longer. Consume perishable food first, and save canned or non-perishable food for later. To keep perishable food for as long as possible, keep fridge and freezer openings to a minimum.
  • Run water through your pipes – without heat in your home your pipes can freeze and burst. If you let water trickle through your pipes this prevents them from freezing.
  • Unplug your appliances – when the power comes back on there is a chance of a power surge, which can damage or destroy appliances. Unplug everything, but leave one light ON in your home so you know when the power comes back on.
  • Run generators safely – DO NOT run a generator inside your home or garage as they produce carbon-monoxide fumes. Keep your generator in an open and ventilated area.

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