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By Paul Cook

I don’t think it takes lots of brain power to figure out who might win in a fist fight between these two actors. How about an acting competition, no brainer! On Sunday night it wasn’t either of those, this conflict was more of a musical chairs fight.

Rocko was all over the Golden Globes: had 3 of his daughters escorting winners, presented the award for best picture and was supposed to be sitting front and center on the first few tables. But that last one didn’t happen.

When Sly and his wife got to their table there was only one chair for the two of them right by the  Manchester By The Sea table with Casey Affleck and executive producer Matt Damon, and they were not very receptive to helping Stallone in any way. That bothered Sly.

Here’s some explanation from witnesses:

“There weren’t enough seats and so there was confusion, but it wasn’t personal against him,” says the source, adding that an additional chair was brought to the table and seats facing the stage were eventually freed up. (At that point, Stallone had little interest in returning to his table to sit with Affleck and the rest of the Manchester group, several sources say.

Stallone’s rep did not comment on the specifics of the report, but offered, “The story you refer to is an interesting rumor – but a rumor nonetheless. Sylvester Stallone had a wonderful evening attending and presenting at the Golden Globes and celebrating with his family and friends.”


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