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What did every state GOOGLE more than anyone else in 2016?

The real estate website Estately.com just finished a study that figured out what people in every state Googled more than anyone else. Here are some of the highlights…

1. Dead celebrities got a lot of attention. Minnesota’s top search was Prince . . . Indiana’s was Florence Henderson . . . Kentucky’s was Muhammad Ali . . . Vermont’s was David Bowie . . . and Wyoming’s was Gene Wilder.

2. And in Tennessee, the top search was “Mr. T. dead.” He’s not. Apparently they were just double-checking?

3. The election led to lots of searches as well. New Jersey Googled Donald Trump more than anyone else . . . Idaho’s top search was “How did Trump win?” . . . and Alaska’s biggest search was the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

4. The top search in Ohio was “3-1 lead” . . . because the Cavs came back from a 3-to-1 deficit in the NBA Finals in June, and the Indians lost a 3-to-1 lead in the World Series in November.

5. And California summed it all up by searching for “2016 worst year ever?” more than any other state.

6. Missouri was into McDonald’s All Day Breakfast, while Illinois was curious about Batavia’s own late sportscaster Craig Sager.

google Map: What Each State Googled The Most In 2016

Click Here to see more.


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