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Sadly, we lost a large group of famous people in 2016.

Here’s a quick rundown of the celebrities we lost in 2016…

January 10th . . . David Bowie. He died of cancer two days after his 69th birthday.

January 14th . . . Alan Rickman from “Die Hard” and the “Harry Potter” movies died of cancer at 69.

January 15th . . . “Grizzly Adams” star Dan Haggerty lost a battle with spinal cancer. He was 74.

January 18th . . . Glenn Frey from the Eagles died from various health issues. He was 67.

January 26th . . . 94 years was just not enough for “Barney Miller” superstar Abe Vigoda.

February 4th . . . Maurice White from Earth, Wind and Fire died at the age of 74.

February 15th . . . Prince’s protégé Vanity died from kidney failure at 57.

February 19th . . . “To Kill a Mockingbird” author Harper Lee passed away at 89.

March 4th . . . Country singer Joey Feek died from cancer at 40. She and her husband Rory made up the duo Joey + Rory.

March 6th . . . Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away at the age of 94.

March 8th . . . Legendary Beatles producer George Martin went to be with John and George. He was 90.

March 22nd . . . Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest passed away after a long battle with Type 1 diabetes. He was just 45.

March 24th . . . Garry Shandling was only 66 when he died of a heart attack.

March 29th . . . Patty Duke succumbed to a ruptured intestine at the age of 69.

April 6th . . . Country legend Merle Haggard died of pneumonia on his 79th birthday.

April 17th . . . Doris Roberts from “Everybody Loves Raymond” died of natural causes at 90.

April 20th . . . Former WWE superstar and mattress actress Chyna passed at the age of 45.

April 21st . . . Prince was found dead at his Paisley Park estate at the age of 57. It was an accidental painkiller overdose.

May 19th . . . “Mr. Ed” star Alan Young died at the age of 96, after being kicked by a horse. Just kidding . . . he was old.

June 3rd . . . After more than 30 years of fighting Parkinson’s disease, Muhammad Ali finally threw in the towel. He was 74.

June 19th . . . Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the new “Star Trek” movies, died in a freak accident in his own driveway, when his Jeep pinned him against a gate. He was only 27.

July 19th . . . Garry Marshall . . . the man behind “Happy Days”, “Laverne and Shirley”, “The Odd Couple”, “Mork and Mindy”, “Pretty Woman”, and “The Princess Diaries” . . . passed at the age of 81.

August 13th . . . 3-foot-8 stud Kenny Baker died at 81. He was R2-D2 in the first six “Star Wars” movies.

August 29th . . . Gene Wilder left us at the age of 83. He’d been retired for over a decade, and his family said he was battling Alzheimer’s in his final years.

September 25th . . . Legendary golfer Arnold Palmer died at 87. He’d been having heart issues. On that same day, 24-year-old Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident with two friends.

October 23rd . . . Pete Burns from the ’80s band Dead or Alive died of a heart attack at 57.

November 7th . . . Singer Leonard Cohen passed on at the age of 82.

Also on November 7th . . . We lost former Attorney General Janet Reno. She was 78, and she had Parkinson’s.

November 11th . . . The Man from U.N.C.L.E. himself, Robert Vaughan, died at 83. He was also the last surviving member of the original “Magnificent Seven”.

November 13th . . . Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russell passed at 74.

November 24th . . . America lost its favorite mom, Florence Henderson from “The Brady Bunch”. On Thanksgiving, of all days. Even though she was 82, her death was pretty sudden and unexpected.

November 25th . . . Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died at the age of 90.

December 7th . . . Guitarist Greg Lake died of cancer at 69 . . . turning Emerson, Lake and Palmer into . . . PALMER. Keyboardist Keith Emerson committed suicide back in March.

December 8th . . . Astronaut and Senator John Glenn died at 95.

December 13th . . . Alan Thicke from the ’80s sitcom “Growing Pains” died of a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son. He was 69.

December 18th . . . Zsa Zsa Gabor died at 99. She was the last surviving Gabor sister. Sisters Eva and Magda died years ago.

December 25th … George Micheal. The singer passed away peacefully at his home. Michael rose to fame as part of Wham! with partner Andrew Ridgeley and later sold more than 20 million copies of Faith, his solo debut.

December 27th … Actress and writer Carrie Fisher, who found enduring fame as Princess Leia in the original “Star Wars,” died at age 60. She suffered a heart attack on board a flight to Los Angeles.

December 28th … Fisher’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, 84, died the day after her daughter. The actress and singer was the star of the 1952 classic movie “Singin’ in the Rain.”


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