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By Stephen Weiss, owner of Creve Coeur Camera

This is probably one of the most important lessons you will ever learn about digital cameras – memory card errors.

Recently on a Creve Coeur Camera photography trip to Alaska, our group was on a tour looking for whales. We saw whales and at least 100 breaches – unbelievable!

When I got back to our ship and placed the card into the computer, it said “no image found.” Oh, did I feel sick!

But I knew the solution. I placed my card in a case and waited until I returned home. The Creve Coeur Camera lab was able to recover all of the images.

Anytime you get a memory card error, immediately take your card out of the camera and bring it to Creve Coeur Camera. Most of the time we can recover your images.

This also applies to the oops-I-just-deleted-an-image situations – stop and immediately bring you card to us.


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