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Stephen Weiss, owner of Creve Coeur Camera

We are a few weeks from the holiday and many of you are having family and friends over for a get together.

To get good group and individual shots using a DSLR, first and foremost, you need a good tripod. Not at $39 one, but a good solid one. This will really help you. Anytime you are taking inside shots, if possible, use a tripod and use either the self timer or a remote so you can get into the shot.  Please get a metal solid tripod – I can’t tell you how many times cameras fall off tripods that are plastic!

Next, there is a great foldable, portable device call a rogue flash bender. It softens the light coming off the flash and also reduces red eye.  It is only about 9×12 and is one of the best gadget I have ever used and it only costs about $40.

These items make some of the best holiday gifts for the photographer in your life.


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