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A physicist in England has a theory for how Santa fits down chimneys.

There are a few holes in Santa Claus’ story. Mostly: How does he get to so many homes in one night, and when he gets to one, how does he squeeze his festively plump body down the chimney?

Well, a physicist at the University of Exeter in England just figured out a PERFECT explanation for all of it that’s scientifically sound.

Dr. Katy Sheen calculated that Santa has to travel at about 6.2 million miles-an-hour to get to every child.

And according to EINSTEIN’S theory of relativity, objects that travel at a high speed become compressed in size.

So THAT’S how Santa fits.

He’s traveling so fast that he and his sack of presents temporarily shrink down, so they can easily fit into a chimney.

That theory also explains why no one ever sees him. At the speeds he’s traveling, light waves get squashed, and they become invisible to the human eye.

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