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For many parents, the month of December can be super stressful. Especially when fellow parents are coming up with more and more elaborate ways to display that darn Elf on the Shelf. With that in mind, Huffington Post has compiled a list of 17 hilarious tweets sent by parents who are struggling to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Here are 10 of them (see full list at the link):

1. “Ah… December 1st. The beginning of the best-behaved month of the year for my kids. Thanks, Elf on the Shelf.”

2. “Our daughter has behaved perfectly all month, so as not to upset her elf (on the shelf). We need a January version.”

3. “Parents, I am begging you to stop upping the game for Elf on the Shelf. He was supposed to move from shelf to shelf, not make my kids lunch.”

4. “An Elf on the Shelf that screams ‘OH MY GOD I’M IN SO MUCH PAIN PLEASE STOP YOU’RE KILLING ME’ every time it hears your kid whine.”

5. “My 8-Year-Old: I’m SOOO excited for our elf on the shelf to get here! Me: Our elf is really lazy, he’ll probably be late–again–this year.”

6. “I hope you didn’t have big plans for Christmas, because my toddler just touched the elf and now ‘CHRISTMAS IS RUINED!’”

7. “Where’s the elf that helps you get off the couch and into bed at 10:17 p.m. on a Sunday? Is he up on the shelf??”

8. “[4-Year-Old]: I don’t care if Elf on the Shelf is fake. Me: You can believe what you like. Isn’t that neat? “[4-Year-Old]: He still better bring me presents though.”

9. “I just realized I forgot to move the damn Elf. So it looks like he’ll be ‘stuck in the tree’ again for the 299th time in his short Elf life.”

10. “If that elf on the shelf really wanted to be useful, he/she/it would put away all my Christmas decorations!”

Do you have any funny Elf on the Shelf moments? Share them and tweet us @Y98!

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