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Johnny Depp Is “Forbes'” Most Overpaid Actor for the SECOND straight year.

“Forbes” named Johnny Depp the ‘Most Overpaid Actor of 2016.’ For every dollar he’s paid, his movies gross just $2.80. And this is definitely a losing streak for him, because he also topped last year’s list.

The formula they used is kind of complicated, but basically they looked at the last three live-action movies that a bunch of actors and actresses made, and compared what they were paid with what the ‘operating income’ ended up being.

The movies had to be released in at least 2,000 theaters to count and the data isn’t super current, because movies from the past six months weren’t included.

Here’s the Top 10:

1. Johnny Depp, returns $2.80 for each $1 paid

2. Will Smith, returns $5 for each $1 paid

3. Channing Tatum, returns $6 for each $1 paid

4. Will Ferrell, returns $6.50 for each $1 paid

5. George Clooney, returns $6.70 for each $1 paid

6. Adam Sandler, returns $7.60 for each $1 paid

7. Mark Wahlberg, returns $9.20 for each $1 paid

8. Leonardo DiCaprio, returns $9.90 for each $1 paid

9. Julia Roberts, returns $10.80 for each $1 paid

10. Bradley Cooper, returns $12.10 for each $1 paid

In addition to being a little out-of-date, this list has another issue, it equates overpaid with failure, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s last two eligible movies were “The Revenant” and “Wolf of Wall Street”, and while he may have been ‘overpaid’ because they didn’t become blockbusters, he got Best Actor nominations
for both, and won one of them.

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