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According to a new study, the worst and best cities for SINGLES are…

Which city is the absolute worst for dating?

A new study looked at a bunch of factors, like how much movie tickets cost . . . what ELSE there is to do . . . and how many single people live there. And the one place you definitely DON’T want to be is Brownsville, Texas.

It’s right on the border with Mexico, and things like restaurants and movies are cheap. But there’s not much to do, and it’s tough to even FIND someone you can date.

The five worst cities for dating are Brownsville, Texas . . . Hialeah, Florida . . . Yonkers, New York . . . Port St. Lucie, Florida . . . and Pembroke Pines, Florida. So, all places where there aren’t many young people.

The BEST city to be single is San Francisco. Dating is expensive there, but there’s plenty of stuff to do . . . and lots of other single people to get-it-on with.

The rest of the top ten cities are Orlando . . . Seattle . . . San Diego . . . Boston . . . Austin, Texas . . . Las Vegas . . . Phoenix . . . Miami . . . and L.A.

And if you just want to play the numbers game, the cities with the most single people per capita are Detroit, followed by Rochester, New York . . . Atlanta . . . Cleveland . . . and Jackson, Mississippi.
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