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12straystree2016 Rescue Me: Christmas Edition


The holidays are a perfect time to bring a new furry friend into your home. Help out an animal in need this season by adopting one of our Rescue Me: Christmas Edition featured pets. Scroll down to read each animal’s story and get information about how to adopt.

This year’s featured pets are from Animal Protective Association of Missouri, Gateway Pet Guardians and House Rabbit Society of Missouri.

Animal Protective Association of Missouri featured pets:


Perri is a Pit Bull Terrier and Australian Cattle Dog mix. She is 2 years and 9 months old and came to the APA on August 27. This is Perri, short for Periwinkle, very fitting since she has blossomed into a young lady in no time. She is a courteous and adventurous. She is very fond of string cheese, although she has been caught with her paws in the cookie jar a couple times! It shows around her middle, but that’s all the more to love!

Eeyore is a long and lean Treeing Walker Coonhound, 2 years of age. He is very nervous when first meeting new people, but after a while, he will warm up to you. He likes to lay in cozy, quiet places. Despite his large ears, he’s not a big fan of loud noises. He’s looking for a nice house where he can set up shop and someone very gentle, calm and quiet to call his own.

Miracle is a 3 year old beagle/Pit Bull mix. She has been at the APA since the end of October. Just like love, Miracle is patient and very kind. This compassionate introvert is waiting on the perfect moment to show her wild side. She is gentle and her sniggle game is on point. She is just a country girl trying to take over the big city!

Lady is a 3 year old brindle Pit Bull terrier mix. True to her name, Lady is sophisticated and well-mannered. She is housetrained, knows sit, come and sit pretty. She enjoys walks in the park, playing fetch and cuddling by you on the couch. She truly is a lady in waiting for her royal family.

Umber is a female domestic shorthair with jet black fur. She is 2.5 years old. This breezy little girl is easygoing and gets along with everyone she meets, including other cats. Give her some love and a toy to chase be your best friend forever.

Chewie is a domestic shorthair tabby who is 1 year old. Chewie is a cuddly bow who loves to sleep in cat trees after playing with many toys! His other favorite activities include: doing his best turtle impression under blankets and chasing this air. He is great with children and other cats.

About the APA: At the APA, we are all about protecting animals and educating humans. We provide adoption services for homeless pets, a low-cost veterinary clinic open to the public and educational programs to fit any age group, from 2 to 102!

The Animal Protective Association of Missouri is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education and creating programs beneficial to the human/animal bond.

Gateway Pet Guardians featured pets:

Angie: Who’s looking for 50 pounds of love? Look no further…Angie is your girl! This lovable lady is very friendly and enjoys snuggles and kisses! But that’s not all! Angie is also very smart and athletic! She is crate trained and we even took her on a test run on some agility equipment and she was a natural! That means Angie’s new family will be getting a lover and an athlete!! Angie would do best in a home with older children who can handle her vivacious behavior. She would also do best with a yard with a tall fence. This girl has some jumping skills! Angie loves to play other dog friends and is currently going to ‘daycare’ where she is making more friends every visit!! http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/14931797-st-louis-missouri-pit-bull-terrier-mix

Clarabella: This beautiful lady is looking for love and snuggles from her humans. Clarabelle is dog friendly and is just looking for a family to give her a chance. She is about 3 years old and weighs 56 pounds! http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/16595007-st-louis-missouri-pit-bull-terrier-mix

Dodger: This incredibly gorgeous guy is Dodger. He’s a sweet boy who is very friendly and has a big, beautiful smile that’s contagious. He gets along very well with other dogs. Dodger has requested a home without cats and young children. Dodger is a sweet boy and gives very special hugs – he jumps up and hugs with both front legs. He isn’t very interested in toys, but that could change in the future once he gets settled into his forever home. This sweet guy is not just gorgeous, he’s also a smart boy who knows his name and how to sit! Dodger likes being outdoors, going for walks, and enjoys going to events with his foster mom where he’s well behaved in public. Since Dodger loves to be outside so much a family who is willing to take him on walks and be outside would be ideal. http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/9432417-st-louis-missouri-husky-mix

Little Debbie: Meet Little Debbie! This beautiful girl is a smaller Boxer mix weighing in at about 35 lbs. Debbie is a fantastic lady who is crate trained and housebroken. She does tend to be an alpha female but has accepted all dogs her foster family has brought into the home. Who wouldn’t want this little lady in their family? http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/16459738-st-louis-missouri-boxer-mix

About Gateway Pet Guardians: Gateway Pet Guardians is a nonprofit St. Louis animal rescue. Our mission is to end homelessness for animals in the Metro East through rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, community outreach and education.

House Rabbit Society of Missouri

Higgins is a wonderful, sweet, brown and white English Spot bunny with an amazing story. He was tossed out on a busy street at just 4 months old. A concerned lady named Anna called the House Rabbit Society of Missouri to report that there was a small domestic rabbit hiding under a large clump of very thorny rose bushes in her front yard.  Her house was on a busy street, the October nights were turning colder and even though she put out rabbit pellets, water and a few carrots, she was concerned about the bunny’s well-being. What Anna did not know is that Higgins was in more danger then she realized. After Higgins was caught and upon arriving at our HRS shelter, he was taken to our rabbit-savvy vet where it was discovered that he had a very large, abnormal, lump on his back involving the dermis in the lumbar sacral area. If not removed, these lumps from the Shope Fibroma virus can turn into carcinomas, metastasize and result in death to a rabbit, so you can imagine the danger bestowed upon poor little 4-month-old Higgins. The virus is viciously spread to healthy rabbits from an infected mosquito.  It was touch and go for Higgins for quite some time. However, he has overcome the difficulties that pledged his early beginnings and really wants a brighter future. Due to Higgin’s life on the street, he is afraid of dogs. For more about Higgins, contact the House Rabbit Society of Missouri at www.hrsmostl.org or call 314-995-1457.

Megan was discarded in a neighborhood in O’Fallon, IL and a couple on an evening stroll stopped to look at her as she was resting beside the street. Neighbors congregated and told the couple that she had been sitting in the same spot for two days. Megan was lucky to be alive because of the many feral cats and two stray dogs roaming the neighborhood. A call was placed to the House Rabbit Society of Missouri and several of their volunteers, Frank and Bobbie, arrived to rescue her. A neighbor asked Bobbie if she was going to use a tranquilizer gun on her. YIKES! She scampered under a bush. Bobbie knelt down and gently picked her up. She was so grateful to be safe. Now she has a chance to be adopted by someone who recognizes that she is a very sweet girl who just wants to be loved. Are you interested in giving Megan love and a forever home? For more about Megan, please contact the House Rabbit Society at www.hrsmostl.org or call 314-995-1457.

Kingsley’s mom, a black and white Dutch, was left outside the Jefferson County Vet Tech School at the end of May. She was very pregnant and very frightened. Her whole world was shattered and the safety of her yet unborn kits in jeopardy. Of course, the folks at the school did not know Kingsley’s mom (now named Karlie) was pregnant, they knew they could not keep her and contacted the House Rabbit Society of Missouri.   It was not a good time of the year to be abandoned. The House Rabbit Society gets many, many calls after Easter and cannot possibly accommodate all the bunnies that are no longer wanted.   Karlie was put on a wait list until our volunteers could find room for her at the shelter.   It was touch and go because Karlie knew her unborn kits were about ready to be born. Finally after several days, our shelter found her a cage just in time. Karlie surprised the shelter volunteers the morning of June 2, 2016. The babies are Dutch- Lion Head mix and they all have Karlie’s sweet, out-going temperament.   We have been fortunate to place Karlie and four of her babies in forever homes, but Kingsley and his three siblings are still anxiously waiting for someone to reach out and love them forever. If you are interested in one of Karlie’s babies (now 5 months old,) please contact the House Rabbit Society at www.hrsmostl.org or call 314-995-1457.

Although our Augustine bunny may not be a saint, he had to have heavenly powers on his side to be rescued. As rescues go, this is one for “the books!” Two months ago the House Rabbit Society of Missouri received a call from Jefferson County Animal Control asking if we could take in a bunny that had been found chained to the inside of a motel dumpster.  Augustine may never have been found if it had not been for the motel manager’s discovery of his filthy, small plastic house that had been left sitting next to the dumpster.   When our shelter manager went to pick him up, she discovered the bunny found in the dumpster was a very large, beautiful grey and white French Lop who immediately captured our volunteers’ hearts.  Named Augustine (arriving in August) or Auggie for short, he was already neutered and using a litter box.  Auggie is a very outgoing bunny that needs to be the only pet and treated like a dog.  At 14 lbs. he’s as big as a small dog, too. He loves to roam freely in the house and considers himself “king of his castle” so he does not do well with dogs or cats.  However, he loves people and likes to be around them; flopping in the middle of the floor or giving gentle nose bumps asking for attention.  Recently, Auggie “strutted his stuff” roaming freely on-stage at the Amazing Pet Expo, demonstrating just what a great animal companion rabbits can be.   For more about Auggie, contact the House Rabbit Society of Missouri at www.hrsmostl.org or call 314-995-1457.

Crosswind: At seven weeks-old, this English Lop mix was experiencing his first hours in the safety of our shelter after a Caseyville homeowner rescued him from the streets. He wasn’t shy about sharing the salad (without the goodies and dressing, of course) with one our volunteers. Notice his long ears for which Crosswind was aptly named because both ears flop to the same side. He fast became a favorite at The Bunny House. He is now eight months old, very active and looking for someone to love him in a forever home. This English Lop mix will dash to the door and beg for pets. He has been neutered and health-checked and is ready to be adopted by a special person who will give this energetic boy the freedom to run and loads of attention because Crosswind will play just like a dog. For more about Crosswind, contact the House Rabbit Society of Missouri at www.hrsmostl.org or call 314-995-1457.


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