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By Amanda Wicks

The Weeknd continues exploring his aggressive side in the new short film “M A N I A.” The video brings together snippets of songs that appear on the pop star’s newest album Starboy, and shows off the more violent side that defined his last video “False Alarm.”

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Directed by Grant Singer, the roving, nearly 12-minute long video takes The Weeknd on quite a journey. It begins as he drives along the coast, soon arriving at a nightclub where he attracts the attention of a beautiful young woman dancing on a raised platform. But the connection they share angers a man—possibly the club’s owner—who feels someone has usurped his place. He and The Weeknd get into a quick but bloody fight in the bathroom before the nightclub transforms from cool blue to fiery red.

In between all this activity, shots of a black panther sitting starkly against a white background and later running intercut the scenes, and draw a connection between the animal and The Weeknd. He is sleek and cool until someone crosses him, and then watch out.

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