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According to a new study, the day after Thanksgiving is the second- busiest day of the year for urgent care clinics.  The day after Christmas is the busiest.


Here are the top four ways you might hurt yourself on Thanksgiving . . .


1.  Cutting yourself while you’re cooking, eating, or carving the turkey.  Clinics see a 60% spike in cuts and other cooking-related injuries.  And the main culprit is carving the turkey.


2.  Getting food poisoning, or just eating too much.  47% more people than average come in with gastrointestinal issues.


3.  Burning yourself while you’re cooking.  They see 42% more burns than they normally do.  You especially need to be careful if you’re deep-frying a turkey.


4.  Spraining an ankle or breaking a bone.  They see 15% more broken bones and sprains than they usually do.  And a lot of them are from people playing football in their backyard.

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