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By Stephen Weiss, owner of Creve Coeur Camera

Is it time to get a new camera?

Today’s digital camera is actually a computer with a lens and as we know, the older the computer the slower it runs. Yes, it’s true for a digital camera too.

Here are some differences between a five-year-old camera and a new camera today.

Today, newer sensors (or the digital film) is just better. It process light in a whole new way.  The colors will be better, the skin tones will be more realistic and it handles low light much better.

And, my favorite, the computer is smarter. These new cameras just know how to get a better image.  One manufacturer told me there are actually 15,000 images stored inside and it looks at your subject and compares it, then makes your image great based on lots of history.

So is it time for you to upgrade? Creve Coeur camera takes trade ins – bring in your old digital camera and let us give you an evaluation.

For more information, visit www.cccamera.com and click on the Photography in a Flash link at the top of the page.

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