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Raising Cane’s

Dwayne Ferguson

Thursday October 15th, 2015 was indeed a day to remember for the residents of the Kirkwood, MO area. The popular Louisiana-based fast food chain, Raising Cane’s, opened their 6th location in the St. Louis market.

Upon arrival, we met patrons who had been standing in line for umpteen hours before the restaurant had even opened its doors for business, in hopes to obtain a prize even greater than the crispy chicken finger goodness that awaited them inside. The reason behind the hype was that the first ten people in line would receive a voucher for 1 free meal a week for a whole year, in which they did!

This had been the first time I had ever seen a Raising Cane’s restaurant that was a standalone location and not at the food court in one of the malls. In fact, I had never even tried Raising Cane’s before.

Curious to know what the, “One Love” slogan was all about, their Marketing Advisor, Lyndsey Carrel, was on the job to make sure that I was thoroughly informed about what Cane’s was all about and what the culture represented. She happily explained that the “One Love” slogan is all about the fact that Raising Cane’s has one love and one love only and that is chicken fingers. Whiles other fast food restaurants try to pull in customers by dishing out variety on top of variety, Raising Cane’s focuses on only one specialty to guarantee their customers the best tasting experience of their lives.

After my Cane’s 101 lesson, it was time for the taste test. Ms. Carrel treated our whole team to a complimentary Cane’s lunch. I figured it would be just another regular chicken finger meal just like at any other fast food joint, but upon taking a bite of the crispy, well-seasoned, juicy tender dipped in Cane’s signature “Cane Sauce” my taste buds had reached another level of taste ecstasy. It made me wonder to myself why I had never tried this stuff before. But in the end it was definitely worth the wait.

This was by far one of the liveliest remote I have attended because all of the people that came all left with a smile. I almost couldn’t tell what made them happier, the prizes we were giving away or what they had for lunch. But at the end of it all the grand opening and the remote was a complete success. If you’re ever in the Kirkwood area and you’ve never tried Raising Cane’s or you’re just another ‘Caniac” be sure to stop by their new location.


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