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Why Making Your Bed Is Bad For You

Here’s why you SHOULDN’T make your bed every morning.

An article called “Why You Should NEVER Make Your Bed” is making the rounds where a study found it’s healthier if you DON’T make your bed.

Here’s the science: The average bed has up to 1.5 million DUST MITES living in it. They’re microscopic . . . feed on dead skin that flakes off your body . . . and every bed has them.

They’re bad because they produce allergens that you inhale while you’re sleeping, which can make allergies worse, or even cause asthma attacks. Here’s why making your bed matters . . .

The mites need a warm, moist environment to survive. Which is exactly what your bed is, because you sweat a lot at night, and it ends up in your sheets and your mattress. And if you make your bed as soon as you wake up, it traps all that moisture in.

But if you DON’T make your bed, it dries out because it’s exposed to light and fresh air, which kills a lot of the dust mites. So the best thing to do is not make your bed at all. Or if you HAVE to, wait until right before you go to sleep.

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