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Need Gift Ideas? Check Out Courtney’s ‘Favorite Things’ List

Forget about Gwyneth and Oprah, these are gift ideas you can really use! Some funny, some practical but none will leave you penniless after the holidays.

1. “F” Bomb Paperweight – $45: Everyone has a co-worker who swears too much…I’m not naming any names but man, that Jen Myers can really throw it out there like a sailor! Just teasing, Jen. I know paperweights can be boring but everyone needs them, right? If your co-worker is the person in the office to always give up cursing for lent, they’ll love this gem on their desk.

2. Bed Prism Glasses – $7.55: You love reading in bed but sometimes you want to rest your head without the strain of holding your head up. With this gift you can have the best of both worlds.

3. Suzy Kuzy Beer Mitt – $12: If you’re like me you love a cold beer no matter what the weather, but in the winter your hands get cold holding that frosty can or bottle. Thanks to Suzy Kuzy you’ll never have to have icicle hands again. Perfect for outside outings like a bonfire, tailgating or just hanging in the neighborhood.

4. Nicholas Cage Pillowcases – $18.99: You fell in love with him in the 80’s in “Valley Girl” and then he stole your hearts in a variety of films like “Con-Air,” “Honeymoon in Vegas” and “The Rock.” If you know someone still carrying a torch for Nicholas Cage, now that person can cuddle with him every night!

5. Sunday Funday T-shirt – $32: I don’t love a Sunday for Fun but I know many who enjoy getting together and ending/starting their week with a bang. If the girl in your life loves popping the cork on a Sunday this shirt is for her.

6. Ben & Jerry’s Lock ice cream pint – $28.99: This is perfect for the person who always complains about family or co-workers stealing their food. If you’ve ever gone to the freezer only to find your Ben and Jerry’s Pint has been compromised you might want to buy this gift for yourself.

7. Pepperoni Pizza Comforter w/ Pillowcases – $65 – $80: This may be my favorite idea of the year. I love pizza. Everyone loves pizza. Who wouldn’t love to rest their head on their favorite food of all time? Maybe you, but someone will love this Pepperoni Pizza Comforter.

8. Double Dipper-  $25: Who doesn’t love soup/chili on a cold winters day but just when you think you have the perfect amount of crackers for it they get soggy and you have to reload. Well reload no more thanks to this soup bowl with a convenient cracker station.

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