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Items You Shouldn’t Buy At Costco

Jen Myers

Yahoo Shopping has a list of things you should skip at Warehouse Clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club. They say you can save more if you buy these items at the grocery store or other places. You can even save more at your local grocer if you use coupons.

But here’s what you shouldn’t buy at bulk stores:

1. Books and DVDs – online stores like Amazon or Barnes & Noble have prices that are 20% cheaper.

2. Sunscreen and skin lotion – skin creams go bad after a few months & you won’t go through those three giant bottles in that time.

3. Soda – get them on sale for cheaper prices at the grocery store.

4. Produce – warehouse clubs have the same prices, but you’ll get a big price drop when things are in season at the grocery store.

5. Printer paper – if you get special offer emails from an office supply store, you can get paper for FREE a couple times a year.

6. Paper products – bath tissue and paper towels are cheaper at the grocery store when they go on sale, and you can use coupons to save even more money.

7. Milk – again, cheaper at the grocery store, and you can buy one gallon at a time.

8. Electronics – you’ll probably score a better deal at an electronics store like Best Buy.

9. Diapers – Generic diapers at some warehouse clubs actually cost more than the generic brands at Target and Walmart.

10. Liquid bleach and detergents – like lotions and sunscreen, they lose their effectiveness after about six months.

11. Condiments – again, they go bad after about six months.

12. Clothing and shoes – for these products, cheaper usually means lower quality.

13. Name-brand cereal – cheaper on sale at the grocery store.

14. Canned goods – save up to 40% during a sale at the grocery store.


Happy Shopping!!!



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