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Tuesday Pet Stories

Jill Devine

Today’s pet stories come from Yahoo!.

*If you’ve been thinking about adding a furry loved one to your family and you are leaning towards a bigger breed, check out the best big dog breeds for families:

Labrador Retriever

Standard Poodle



Border Collie


Golden Retriever

Saint Bernard

Spinone Italiano

Click here to read more about the above breeds.


*I think most people associate cats with climbing on counters.  It seems to be in their genes and they have to do it.  Yahoo! decided to poll cat owners and veterinary professionals, that are also cat owners, to find out if they allow their cat on the counters.

When asked if their cats were allowed access to the counter, 21 percent of veterinary professionals who responded answered “yes,” 13 percent answered “rarely” and 54.5 percent answered “no.” (“Other” was also an option, claiming 11.4 percent of veterinary professional votes.)

Our readers were more likely than veterinary professionals to allow their cats on the counter: 28 percent answered affirmatively, 11 percent said rarely and 48.1 percent said no, with the remaining readers opting for “other.” So, while veterinary professionals are less likely to allow their cats on the kitchen counter as a habit, they’re actually more likely to allow their cats up there on occasion.

If you’re a cat owner, do you allow your cat on the counters?  To read more about this survey, click here.

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