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Jill Devine

Britney Spears’ sister, Jamie Lynn, got married last week in New Orleans.  You may have heard about the wedding, but did you hear what her mom wore to the wedding?  Her mom wore a white dress and it looked like a wedding gown.  It wasn’t a surprise to Jaime Lynn because she was with her mom when she bought it.

Yahoo! decided to put together a list of things to consider before you attend a wedding.  Here are a couple:

Can you wear white? “It’s generally not a good idea for guests to wear white to avoid drawing attention from the bride,” Jamie Miles, editor of TheKnot.com, tells Yahoo Shine. “However, there are two exceptions: if you know the bride is wearing a colored dress or the wedding has, say, a ‘black-and-white’ theme.” Ditto for ivory, off-white, blush, or champagne. However, if you’re determined to wear white, opt for a short dress (provided the bride is wearing a floor-length gown). Otherwise, why not pop in bold colors?

Is it OK to post wedding photos on social media? No doubt you’ll have your smartphone handy, but posting photos of the ceremony, the venue, or the couple on social media is tricky territory. For one, the bride and groom may want to vet potentially unflattering shots (Wouldn’t you?), and you could seem detached from the festivities if you’re hunched over your phone uploading photos all evening. One exception: “Lots of weddings are getting more social whereby the couple will include hashtags on their invitations to streamline their photos,” says Miles. “Otherwise, feel free to post selfies or group shots.”

Do you really have one year to send a gift? Yes. Although in a perfect world, guests would send gifts as close as possible to the wedding date, that’s not always realistic. That’s why couples keep their online registries open for an entire year after their wedding, so that friends or family members who were too busy, financially strapped, or just plain forgot can still send a token of congrats.

Click here to read the rest of the article and to see a picture of Jaime Lynn and her mom.



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