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Viral Videos: The Best And Worst Super Bowl Commercials

Here are some of the best and worst commercials from last night’s Big Game.

Here are a few of the BEST:

Obviously, the Budweiser Clydesdales becoming friends with a puppy spot. (This ad even won top honors by USA Today’s Ad Meter.)

Doritos crowdsourced their commercials and had a winner with the kid with a homemade time machine accidentally tricked a guy into thinking he’d been transported to the future.

The Radio Shack ad where the ’80s icons smashed up the store to introduce the “new” more modern Radio Shack was also great. It had Alf, HULK HOGAN, the California Raisins, KID ‘N PLAY, MARY LOU RETTON, and a ton of other ’80s references.

Chrysler nailed it with their Bob Dylan commercial that rounded up every image of Americana from the past 60 years.

We also really liked Hyundai’s ad where a dad kept saving his kid the moment before imminent danger until they were driving in a Hyundai, which had the safety features to do it for him.

Here are a few of the WORST:

Though the idea was clever, and worked online, Bud Light flopped doing a two-part commercial about an average dude who got a “crazy” night featuring run-ins with Minka Kelly, Don Cheadle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and One Direction.

GoDaddy’s hyped commercial about a woman quitting her job on live TV to start a puppet company definitely got lost in the shuffle. It didn’t have the impact they were clearly hoping for.

We REALLY wanted to like the “Full House” guys reuniting for Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt, but it just didn’t land because we knew it was coming.

The Laurence Fishburne “Matrix” parody ad for Kia felt like they threw a lot of random, unconnected stuff together. In the end, it was just scattered and forced.

And a lot of people did not like Coke’s “America The Beautiful” ad.

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