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5 On Friday – Getting Organized

If you’re anything like me, organization is key to functionality. Many friends and family members can speak to that fact, trust me. I’m particular about where shoes go (especially if they’re wet from rain or snow), where cleaning supplies go (some under the sink, some in the bathroom) and even how the towels get folded. Some could probably say I’m a bit OCD when it comes to organizing, but I have yet to be diagnosed.

Regardless, being organized isn’t a bad thing. Things can be done more effectively when you’re organized and stress can easily be avoided when you know where X,Y & Z is located.

So today’s 5 on Friday, I want to share some tips on how to get organized. While the possibilities are endless when it comes to organization, I thought I’d share some that I find are very helpful & useful.

When There’s No Space, Hang It
Not every household is fully equipped with ample storage space, but don’t suffer to defeat that easily. One great way to organize your cleaning products is to buy a curtain rod and place it underneath your kitchen sink. I’m sure your cleaning products come in spray bottles & can sometimes can be bulky. Well, you can use that curtain rod to hang those cleaning bottles. GENUIS, right?  Not enough space in your pantry to store some zip bags or trash bags? Not a problem. Why not take a push pin and pin the top of the packaging into the pantry or cabinet door? If you don’t want to ruin your door, put some cork on it, and pin it to the cork board. This will open up space for you to use the pantry shelves for your food rather than for your plastic zip bags. You can also use that pinning technique for pinning recipes inside your kitchen cabinets so you can have a hands free recipe at your eye level. Yay for pins!

Delegate A Place For Your Pet’s Belongings
Chances are if you are a pet owner, you’re already cleaning up after your pet. But don’t get disgruntled when Fido leaves a toy out. Instead, use an old bucket or basket to put your pet’s toys in. I have a small dog and while she doesn’t play with toys that much, she does have her accessories — leashes & doggie bags, sweaters & a coat, toothbrush & comb (she’s a bit spoiled, I know). I keep all her pet related items, food & treats too, underneath my microwave cart. That way, it’s not sitting on the floor or in my way when I’m cleaning or moving about my apartment. Plus, I know where I can find her leash or coat when she’s running around because she’s having a potty emergency. My parents have 2 dogs and 3 cats — a bit of a zoo at the Determan household, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. My parent’s pets play with toys, especially the youngest pup. My dad was smart and gathered an old box to put the dogs & cats toys in. Surprisingly, the dogs know where they can now get their favorite rawhide or chew toy. Now only if they knew how to put it back in the box.. But we’re working on that, well, sort of.

(credit: Amy Determan/CBS Radio)

(credit: Amy Determan/CBS Radio)

Your Hair (Products) Are Everywhere
If you’re like me, you love your hair and take your hair care very seriously. This can involve using multiple products and styling tools when styling your hair. While you may not use everything at once, keeping your hair care products together can cut down on time when getting ready. In college, I loved my shower caddy. Now, using a shower caddy or small basket to store my hair products, curling iron, straightener, blow dryer, etc. keeps me from running around frantic in the mornings. Another hair organization tool I have found nifty is using an old Tic-Tac container to store my bobby pins. How often are you losing bobby pins? If you’re like me, you have probably bought several packs and still have yet to find where they all went. Using a little tin to store them can save you some time & money.

Bills, Bills, Bills Where Are You?
Ever miss paying a bill because you “never got your bill?” Or how about being stressed out because your debit card was about to expire and the “bank never sent you a new one?’ I’m a victim of both all because I used to scatter my mail throughout my apartment in the weirdest of places — probably thinking “Oh, I set this here, I’ll definitely remember to pay this.” Realistically that makes sense, but it hardly works. I’m now making use of a napkin holder to hold my mail. Why haven’t I been doing this all my adult life? Good question, considering my parents do the same thing. This has also helped me to sort through and prioritize my mail. Yes, you’ll get those adverts & coupons, but that’s not what I store in the napkin/mail holder. Now, I open the mail (so I don’t go to the bank asking for a new debit card because I never received one, even though it was on my nightstand for 2 weeks -d’oh!) and put whatever needs to be paid first in the front so it’s on my radar. Sometimes, I even put little reminders in the mail holder, like get stamps or take out recycling so I don’t wait to the last minute.

Eye Glass Cases Can Be GLAMOROUS
Do you take your makeup with you when you leave the house? Maybe not the whole she-bang but brushes, chap stick, eyeliner and what not? I do at times and end up just throwing them into a pocket of my purse only to find later in the day it’s floating around somewhere else. Well if you have an empty eye glass case, it’s perfect to keep your makeup items in one place while on the go. No more time wasting dumping out my purse to find the eyeliner or mascara and putting it all away while trying not to act frazzled. Another great way to organize your makeup at home is filling a square container with sand or pebbles to store your brushes. You can even use a mason jar to put your brushes in. The possibilities are endless.

What are some of your organization tips? I’d love to hear them, so let me know in the comments below!

Hopefully this encouraged you to get a bit organized and if you’re already an organization guru, props to you!

-Amy Determan, CBS Radio St. Louis


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