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Jill Devine

Did you watch the Emmys last night?  I admit that I only watched the opening of the Emmys.  So, my morning consisted of looking at highlights online and checking out the best and worst dressed.  I also came across a blog on the things we didn’t see last night.  That’s the stuff I like!  Here are some highlights from that blog, courtsey of yahoo.com:

*America’s Jolliest Announcer

 The public-address announcer kept the crowd laughing. Some of his biggest laugh lines:

“Please make your way to your seats… The seat fillers are starting to get their hopes up.”

“The show is starting shortly… This is the perfect excuse to get away from the conversation you are trying to escape.”

“Attention please, the show will start without you. It will be tragic, but it will.”

So many awards shows are SOOOO serious and I have a hard time watching because I feel like I don’t belong.  Bring on the humor and I am all about it!!!

*The Big Threat for Can’t-Shut-Up Acceptance Speakers

At 4:57 p.m. PT the producers still weren’t sure if the show would start on time as the Jets-Bills game dragged on. As the minutes ticked away, they gave an obligatory memo over the P.A. to try and keep speeches short: “This year we decided we aren’t going to play music [to cut you off], instead our plan is if you go long, this…” and on the screens appeared the Red Wedding scene from “Game of Thrones.”

No one likes the long thank you speeches.  Say thanks, say who you love, and move on!

*No Sore Losers in This “Family.”

Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Ty Burell met up in aisle during third commercial break to chat and catch up. Laughing and happy, there wasn’t a hint of bitterness to be seen despite the “Modern Family” cast being shut out of acting awards.

This makes me sad because I LOVE “Modern Family”.  I know the ensemble won, but I would love to see more individual awards go out to the actors.

*Central Spirit

Every time “The Colbert Report” won — breaking “The Daily Show’s” 10-year lock on the category — Jon Stewart and his crew were the first out of their seats to cheer their network mates on.

I hate bad sportsmanship, so this made me smile!

Get the full story here.


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